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Pierluigi Mencattini

Pierluigi Mencattini started to study music when he was 7.
He studied in Pescara and later in Rome, under the direction of the violinist A. Redditi, and in Florence, under the violinist S. Materassi.

After his brilliant diploma, he joined the international courses in Munich, studying under the famous Argentinian violinist Ricardo Odnoposof and in Città di Castello, under the violinist R. Ricci.

Winner of national and international prizes, in 1988 he was awarded at the "Competition Internationale, Athens 1988", section "Contemporary Music". For some years he was the first violin of the "Complesso Strumentale Italiano" (C. S. I) ancient music, playing in concerts and recording in Italy and abroad (Jugoslavia, Greece, Germany, Hungary, Radio Lubiana, RaiTre). What is more, other collaborations on important lyric organizations such as "Roma Theatre", "Spoleto lyric experimental Theatre", Lyric Theatre "La Scala".

In 1990 he founded the "Ensemble '900, Contemporary Music" and a great activity started, supporting world-famous composers. In fact, he collaborated with S. Bussotti and BussottiOperaBallet and many others.

In 1998 he recorded 4 violin solo world premires, by Bussotti and Marieri's musics; in 1999 Vivaldi's "Quattro stagioni" (Four seasons); in 2000 Corelli's Sonatas Op. V by original instruments (Edizioni Novecento). Now he plays as first violin in the Chamber Orchestra "Arcangelo Corelli" and in the Ensemble "Labirinto Armonico". He has written 2 books regarding the violin Superior Technique, Paganini's chromatism and Superior Technique for left Hand, edited by Berben. He plays a French violin, J. Vuillaume and an anonymous German baroque instrument of the 18 th Century. Now he teaches at the Conservatory of Music in Pescara (Italia).